Standards Development


Understanding Standards:

What is a Standard?

A standard is a voluntary technical document designed to facilitate the interoperability of economic operators in a value chain. Developed through consensus and intended for general and recurrent use, it outlines requirements for activities, specific items, materials, components, systems, or services. This definition aligns with EN 45020:2006 Standardization and related activities. General vocabulary.

Principles of Standards Work:

  • Voluntary implementation
  • Public access
  • Broad participation
  • Consensus
  • Uniformity
  • Consistency
  • Relevancy
  • Current knowledge
  • Current technology
  • Efficiency
  • Of benefit to all


ASD-STAN Deliverables:

At ASD-STAN, we develop and publish two types of deliverables: ASD-STAN prEN and ASD-STAN TR.

ASD-STAN projected European Norm (prEN) and European Standard (EN):

ASD-STAN prEN is projected as the European Norm and is a precursor to the official CEN EN. Developed within a streamlined standardization process, all ASD-STAN prENs are subsequently transformed and published as EN standard without technical changes by CEN and its members.

Our core values of openness, transparency, consensus, and balance are embedded in our Working Groups. Ensuring safety, experts from across Europe and the industry, including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Type Certificate (TC) holders, lead our Working Groups.

For more information on the status of an ASD-STAN standard, visit our FAQ section.

ASD-STAN Technical Report (TR):

ASD-STAN TR is an informative document shedding light on the technical content of standardization work. It is published when:

  • The subject is still under technical development, requiring wider exposure at its current status.
  • Informative data of a different kind cannot be published as a European Standard (EN).

ASD-STAN TR does not undergo transformation into CEN TR and is part of the 5-year periodic review.

For further details on our process, visit the Standardisation Process page.


Initiating a New Standard:

Anyone is welcome to propose a subject for standardization to ASD-STAN. Refer to our Standardization Process Manual for detailed instructions. The ASD-STAN Standardization ProcessĀ is defined in detail in our Standardisation Process Manual (SPM)-Version 13 (19 February 2024).


Education and Training on ASD-STAN Standardization:

Training on ASD-STAN and the standardization process is offered for every new working group. The project management of ASD-STAN handles all relevant management work to allow experts to focus on developing standard documents.


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