Standardisation Process

The ASD-STAN Standardization Process is defined in detail in our Standardisation Process Manual (SPM)-Version 13 (19 February 2024).


Process description

ASD-STAN engages in the development, publication, maintenance, and sale of its proprietary deliverables. Presently, we produce two primary types of deliverables: ASD-STAN prEN and ASD-STAN TR.

The ASD-STAN prEN (projected European Norm) serves as an early release of the official CEN EN (European Norm). The CEN EN, in turn, is a subsequent publication of the ASD-STAN prEN with a CEN coversheet. Importantly, ASD-STAN prENs are technically identical, featuring the same technical content as further EN publications by CEN members. Consequently, we manage the transformation process, converting our ASD-STAN prEN into CEN EN after its publication by ASD-STAN. All European Standards (EN) within the range of 2000-9999 originating from ASD-STAN pertain specifically to Aerospace.

ASD-STAN prEN publications are versatile and can be utilized for various training and certification activities.

On the other hand, ASD-STAN TR (Technical Report) represents an informative document offering insights into the technical content of standardization work. TRs are published in cases where the subject is still undergoing technical development, necessitating broader exposure while capturing its current status for subsequent development. TRs may also serve as informative publications containing diverse data that currently cannot be published as European Standards (EN). This data might include survey results among members, information on work in other organizations, or details on the “state-of-the-art” concerning national standards on a particular subject.

It’s important to note that ASD-STAN TR is not transformed into CEN TR and is part of the 5-year periodic review.

Voting Requirements for ASD-STAN Members 


The voting process occurs through public voting within ASD-STAN/CEN tools. In all inquiries, ballots, resolutions, and decisions, each ASD-STAN member organization holds the entitlement to a single vote.

Focal Point (FP)

Every member is required to designate one FP per Domain, serving as the representative of the member organization’s perspective. The FP is responsible for establishing a framework to ensure the representation of a unified position on projects.

Focal Points are tasked with the following responsibilities:

  1. Providing the member’s vote on new projects and drafts.
  2. Ensuring the representation of a consolidated position on the project.
  3. Identifying and nominating Experts for participation in Working Groups.
  4. Responding, in conjunction with the Member Coordinator where applicable, to inquiries and executing actions mandated by the Board, TA, ASD-STAN Executive staff, or DTCs.

Should the FP fail to reflect the views of their member organization, the TA retains the right to request the replacement of the FP.

For more comprehensive details, refer to SPM.