The Standardisation Process

The ASD-STAN Standardization Process is defined in detail in our Standardisation Process Manual (SPM)-Version 12 (30 March 2022).


Voting requirements for ASD-STAN members (extract from the SPM)


The process of public voting that takes place within ASD-STAN/CEN Livelink.

In all inquiries, ballots, resolutions and decisions, each ASD-STAN member country is entitled to one vote only.

 Focal Point (FP)

Each member shall assign one FP per Domain, representing the view of the member organization. The FP should arrange for a structure to ensure the representation of a consolidated member’s position on the projects.

Focal Points shall do the following:

  • Provide the member’s vote on new projects and drafts
  • Ensure the representation of a consolidated position on the project
  • Identify and nominate Experts for participation in Working Groups
  • Respond—together with the Member Coordinator, where applicable—to inquiries and carry out any actions required by the Board, TAC, ASD-STAN Executive staff, or DTCs.

If the FP does not reflect the view of his member organization, the TA has the right to request the replacement of the FP.

For more details see chapters 3.19 (Voting) and 4.9 (Focal Point) of the SPM