Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the ASD-STANdardisation procedure ?

A: ASD-STAN procedures are detailed in this section of this website, and include a Standardisation Process Manual, New Work Proposal and a Comments form

Q: What is the status of an ASD-STAN standard ?

A: As an Associated Body of CEN, ASD-STAN provides the Aerospace sector with prEN standards. There is an agreement between CEN and ASD-STAN to pre-issue the ASD-STAN publication by ASD-STAN, to fit the need of the European Aerospace industry for early availability of European standards. ASD-STAN prENs are technically equal (with exactly the same content) to the further EN publications by CEN members.

Q: What are the benefits of having an EN ?

A: The production of an EN once ratified :

  • results in all competing National Standards being withdrawn by the National Associations within six months,
  • permits its incorporation into European legislation thereby re-enforcing its worth,
  • allows ASD-CERT to provide certification at a much reduced cost to industry.

Q: When is the EN version published by CEN?

A: After 6 months evaluation period, the ASD-STAN prEN will be put in the CEN transformation queue to prepare a CEN EN. The CEN EN transformation period will be between 5.5 and 8.5 months. In total the CEN EN publication release is 11.5 to 14.5 months after the ASD-STAN publication. The distribution of the CEN EN by the CEN members is in general 2-6 months later, due to their internal publication processes.

Q: Can an ASD-STAN publication be used for training and/or certification activities?

A: YES, ASD-STAN prEN publications can be used for any training and certification activity. There is no change between the ASD-STAN prEN publication and the CEN EN publication on the technical content. ASD-CERT ( is providing certification and qualification activities based on ASD-STAN prEN publications.

Q: Which EN publications are originated from ASD-STAN?

A: All CEN EN publication in the range of EN2000 to EN9999 are originated from ASD-STAN.

Q: How is ASD-STAN involved in the CEN work?

A: ASD-STAN is an associated body to CEN, holding the CEN Technical Committee for AEROSPACE (CEN TC Aerospace) and is responsible for all CEN EN publications (EN 2000 – EN9999). ASD-STAN is harmonizing its activities with other CEN and ISO committees and various standardization organisations (see ASD-STAN presentation at

Q: Our Auditor is referring to the EN publication as the only valid publication to do the Audit. What can I do?

A: The ASD-STAN prEN is an early publication of the CEN EN. The CEN EN is a later re-distribution of the ASD-STAN publication with a CEN coversheet.  ASD-STAN prENs are technically equal (with exactly the same content) to the further EN publications by the members of CEN. ASD-STAN prEN publications can be used for any training and certification activity. ASD-STAN is talking to different regulatory authorities and they accepting the use of ASD-STAN prEN instead of old EN versions. They agreed to update the references to the last available publication, also if it is an ASD-STAN prEN publication.

Q: What does ASD-STAN prEN mean?

A: ASD-STAN prEN means ASD-STAN projected EN. ASD-STAN prENs are technically equal (with exactly the same content) to the further EN publications by the members of CEN.

Q: What is the difference between an ASD-STAN prEN and a CEN prEN?

A: A CEN prEN is a draft document, prepared by the working group and provided to the CEN members for the CEN Enquiry. Currently there is no CEN prEN available for all ASD-STAN documents (EN2000 to EN9999). Currently for the CEN Enquiry ASD-STAN working group drafts are used and distributed. These drafts are marked as draft documents.

Q: Which purchase possibilities for a standard we propose?

 A: Every client can buy a standard directly from our web-shop using the credit card. In order to purchase the standard just type the desired standard number in the search area, in the result page click on the standard you wish to buy, add it to the basket/press purchase and go to the checkout page. Then complete all the necessary information as Name/Surname and email address (you will receive an electronic purchase invoice on the mentioned email address); do not forget to add your company’s VAT number to avoid the VAT tax, then carefully add the billing details to make sure that the invoice covers all the necessary information. Then accept our Terms and conditions (press on “Show Terms” to read the full terms and conditions of purchase of standard) and press the “Purchase” button. As soon as it is done, you will get the invoice by email. In the email you should find the link to the purchased standard (all standards in our shop are in pdf format), by pressing the link you will be able to download the purchased standard to your computer.

Another possibility to purchase a standard (if the above option does not suit your company policy) is by request to our Sales department by email to . Please communicate your company’s details (Name of the company, address, VAT number, person in charge-to whom the standard should be sent, desired standard and quantity) for issuing the pro-forma invoice. As soon as the pro-forma invoice is paid by bank transfer, we will send you a final invoice together with a pdf standard by email.

Q: How to download a purchased standard?

A: You receive an electronic invoice to the email address which you mentioned during the purchase process. In this invoice we will provide you with the link where you can click and download the purchased standard.

Q: Is it necessary to add the VAT number to the billing details? What is an Intra-Community VAT number?

A: If you wish to get the exemption from VAT on your bill, make sure that you added the VAT number. If you do not add the VAT number, even despite the Intra-Community VAT number availability, you will be charged with a VAT amount.

All European companies subject to VAT in a Member State which, as part of its trade exchanges with a company located in another Member State, has a tax identification number called intra-Community VAT numberIntra-Community VAT number used to charge VAT in Europe but also allows the exemption from VAT when invoicing. In this case, VAT number must appear on the invoice.

Q: How long does it take to get the purchase invoice and a standard?

A: It does not take time if you do an online purchase through our web-site. It is an automatic process-as soon as you press the “Purchase” button you get directly the invoice where you find the link to the standard.

In case of bank transfers/payment by invoice all depends on the client, as soon as the payment is done we send the standard by email. It takes approximately 3 to 5 days if everything done on time by both parties.

Q: Some organisations require a “Bank Identification document” to add the supplier in the system and to proceed with the order. Can ASD-STAN provide such a document?

A: If the “Bank Identification document” is requested by the client it can be sent without any problem. The request for this document should be sent to  .