TR 9535-001

Luft- und Raumfahrt - Deklaration von Substanzen

Form: TR Registration Number: 9535 Edition: 001
Date of Publication: 31-Mar-2008 Number of pages: 16
Document Type: Guide/Instruction Domain: Quality
Scope: This document is being developed to address, in a consistent way, the collection of information on chemicals throughout the supply chain. This information is key for compliance with numerous regulatory requirements as well as to meet customer and other stakeholders' expectations and obligations. This document will consist of two components; (1) declaration form and (2) instructions for completing the declaration form. A standard format will ensure consistency, will eliminate duplication of reporting, and will facilitate mechanization of data on component chemistry. This document facilitates reporting either against a substances list or full disclosure of chemical composition.
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Normative References: AMS 4982 EN-2115-1EN EN-2116-1EN EN-2117-1EN EN-2424-2EN EN-3115-1EN EN-3235-5 EN-4372-1EN EN-6104 ISO 8080 MIL-C-5541 MIL-R-5674