TR 4885 Edition P1

Aerospace series — Jet lag and lighting — Biological effects and recommendations

Form: TR Registration Number: 4885 Edition: P1
Date of Publication: 30-Jan-2020 Number of pages: 25
Document Type: Technical Report Domain: Cabin
Scope: This Technical Report gives guidance for the so-called jet lag phenomenon experienced after longer
flights across several time zones. Affected persons exhibit disturbances of bodily functions, in particular
of the sleep-wake rhythm (circadian dysrhythmia).
This Technical Report discusses the physiological and psychological backgrounds as well as technical
parameters known so far. Potential countermeasures are derived and their effects are discussed.
It is intended that interested parties, such as airlines, receive information for the biologically effective
design of the aircraft cabin, and in particular its lighting, in order to minimize possible negative effects.
Personal behaviour and disposition may have a major influence on chronobiological effects. Thus, while
the described means to reduce jet lag are not guaranteed to reduce any negative effects, they may
provide a positive impact on the individual.
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