TR 4680-001

Aerospace series - Contacts, electrical, qualification for change materials and process

Form: TR Registration Number: 4680 Edition: 001
Date of Publication: 05-Oct-2010 Number of pages: 14
Document Type: Guide/Instruction Domain: Electrical
Scope: This Technical Report is a guideline for the mandated body and the manufacturer to establish a programme of qualification tests for a change in material and process of contacts already qualified.
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Normative References: EN-10003-1 EN-12258-1 EN-2000-1EN EN-2002-01 EN-2002-06 EN-2002-08 EN-2002-22 EN-2004-01 EN-2004-10 EN-2021 EN-2032-01-1EN EN-2032-02-1EN EN-2078-2EN EN-2715 EN-2716 EN-2720 EN-3042-1EN EN-3874 EN-3987-1EN EN-3988 EN-4050-04 EN-4258-1EN EN-4259 EN-4268-1EN EN-4522 EN-4523 EN-4524 EN-4525 EN-4527 EN-515 EN-6018 EN-6072-1EN ISO 3274 TR-2410-002