TR 4648 Edition 2

Aerospace series-Cable, electrical-Re-qualification following changes in design, material or manufacturing process

Form: TR Registration Number: 4648 Edition: 2
Date of Publication: 30-Jan-2020 Number of pages: 10
Document Type: Technical Report Domain: Electrical
Scope: This Technical Report provides guidance in defining the tests to be performed, following changes in material, material source, design, or method of manufacture, to extend the qualification approval of an existing qualified electrical cable.
This Technical report is applicable to all types of cable. The extent of testing required will be dependent on the nature and magnitude of the change. The test programme will be designed to ensure that the cable continues to comply with key performance requirements.
After a cable has been officially qualified it may be necessary, for a variety of reasons, for a manufacturer to request a change to the cable material, cable design or its method of manufacture. The changes may include, but are not limited to:
⎯ new material;
⎯ new source of material;
⎯ new tape dimensions;
⎯ new manufacturing machine;
⎯ new manufacturing process.
If a manufacturer wishes to implement a change it will be necessary to inform the appropriate mandated body. Discussions will take place between the manufacturer and the mandated body during which the type and magnitude of the change will be defined, and an assessment made of the potential affect it may have on cable performance. Following the discussion, a test programme will be agreed.
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Normative References: EN-3475