ASD-STAN prEN 9101 P6

Quality Management Systems - Audit Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defence Organizations

Form: prEN Registration Number: 9101 Edition: P6
Date of Publication: 15-Mar-2010 Number of pages: 77
Document Type: Domain: Quality
Scope: This document standardizes the requirements for conducting and reporting of quality management system audits. It provides requirements for an audit and reporting process based on:
- the process and continual improvement approach defined in 9100-series standards;
- the specific aviation, space, and defense additions in 9100-series standards;
- the use of common audit tools; and
- the uniform, transparent, and standardized reporting of audit results.
It can be used by aviation, space, and defense organizations at all levels throughout the global supply chain.
Status: Superseded Replaced by: prEN-9101-p7
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Normative References: EN-3475-601-1EN EN-3475-602-1EN EN-6049-001 EN-6059-100-1EN