ASD-STAN Quality Series SET Version- 13 current standards-version up to March 2018

A set of ASD-STAN prEN 9100 series (Quality Standards) comprising the following:

ASD-STAN prEN-9100-P4; ASD-STAN prEN-9101-P8; ASD-STAN prEN-9107-P2; ASD-STAN prEN-9110-P5;  ASD-STAN prEN-9115-P2; ASD-STAN prEN-9120-P5 Replaced by EN; ASD-STAN prEN-9133-P2; ASD-STAN TR 9135; ASD-STAN prEN-9136-P1; ASD-STAN prEN-9145-P1; ASD-STAN prEN 9146-P1; ASD-STAN prEN-9162-P2. ASD-STAN prEN-9130-P1 / withdrawn by EQG decision; ASD-STAN prEN-9134-P1 / withdrawn and covered by the IAQG SCMH. IAQG Forms Management available here
Form: prEN Registration Number: 9100 Edition: current/up to March 2018
Date of Publication: 20-Mar-2018 Number of pages: 507
Document Type: set version of Quality series prEN Domain: Quality series
Scope: ASD-STAN prEN-9100-P4 - Aerospace series - Quality management systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defence Organizations
ASD-STAN prEN-9101-P8 - Quality Management Systems Audit Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations
ASD-STAN prEN-9107-P2 - Aerospace series - Quality systems - Direct Delivery Authorization - Guidance for Aerospace Companies
ASD-STAN prEN-9110-P5 - Quality Maintenance Systems – Aerospace – Requirements for Maintenance Organizations
ASD-STAN prEN-9115-P2 - Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations - Deliverable Software
ASD-STAN prEN-9120-P5 - Quality Management Systems — Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defence Distributors
ASD-STAN prEN-9130-P1 - Aerospace series-Quality systems-Record Retention/WITHDRAWN by EAQG decision
ASD-STAN prEN-9133-P2 - Aerospace series - Quality Management Systems - Qualification Procedure for Aerospace Standard Products
ASD-STAN prEN-9134-P1 - Aerospace series - Quality systems - Supply chain risk management guideline/Withdrawn and is covered by the IAQG SCMH
ASD-STAN TR-9135-Edition 1 - Aerospace series - Quality systems - Specific quality requirements for NATO suppliers
ASD-STAN prEN-9136-P1 - Aerospace Series – Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving (9S Methodology)
ASD-STAN prEN-9138-P1 - Aerospace Series — Quality Management Systems — Statistical Product Acceptance Requirements
ASD-STAN prEN-9145-P1 - Aerospace series — Requirements for Advanced Product Quality Planning and Production Part Approval Process
ASD-STAN prEN-9146-P1- Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Prevention Program — Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defence Organizations
ASD-STAN prEN-9162-P2 - Aerospace series - Operator self-verification programs
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