ASD-STAN prEN 6140 P1

Aerospace series - Plug, protective, non metallic for fitting ends ≤ 3 000 PSI hydraulic systems

Form: prEN Registration Number: 6140 Edition: P1
Date of Publication: 01-Jan-1970 Number of pages: 9
Document Type: Product Standard Domain: Mechanical
Status: Available by request Replaced by:  
Price (excl. VAT): €52.83
Normative References: EN 3615 EN-2155-12-1EN EN-2378-1EN EN-2557-1EN EN-2558-1EN EN-2559-1EN EN-2560-1EN EN-2561-1EN EN-2563-1EN EN-2565-1EN EN-2597-1EN EN-2743-1EN EN-2823 EN-2850 EN-6030 EN-6031 EN-6032 EN-6033 EN-6034 EN-6035 EN-6036 EN-6037 EN-6038 EN-6039 EN-6040 EN-6044-1 ISO 10119 ISO 1183