ASD-STAN prEN 6089 P2

Aerospace series - Washer, retaining, for usage with stud EN 6088

Form: prEN Registration Number: 6089 Edition: P2
Date of Publication: 31-Oct-2006 Number of pages: 6
Document Type:   Domain: Mechanical
Scope: his standard specifies the dimensions, tolerances, required characteristics and mass of a retaining washer for use in fuselage interior equipment and structural applications. This standard shall be used in conjunction with stud per EN 6088 and circlip per EN 6091.
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Normative References: ASTM-B-298:1999 EN-3475-100-2EN EN-4604-001-2EN EN-4604-002-2EN MIL-C-39012 TR-6058-009