ASD-STAN prEN 4700-002 P3

Luft- und Raumfahrt - Stahl und hochwarmfeste Legierungen - Umgeformte Erzeugnisse - Technische Lieferbedingungen Teil 002: Stangen und Profile

Form: prEN Registration Number: 4700-002 Edition: P3
Date of Publication: 01-Sep-2014 Number of pages: 31
Document Type: Technical Specification Domain: Metallic Material
Scope:  This standard defines the requirements for the ordering, manufacture, testing, inspection and delivery of steel and heat resisting alloy bar and section. It shall be applied when referred to and in conjunction with the EN material standard unless otherwise specified on the drawing, order or inspection schedule.
Status:   Superseded Replaced by: DIN EN 4700-002: 2016
Price (excl. VAT): €142.91
Normative References: AMS 2315 AMS 2750 ASTM A604 ASTM E1444 ASTM E399 ASTM E45 EN 10045-1 EN 2078 EN ISO 148-1 EN ISO 15549 EN-10027-1 EN-10079 EN-2002-001-1EN EN-2002-002-1EN EN-2002-005-1EN EN-2002-16 EN-2032-1 EN-2032-2 EN-2857-1 EN-2857-2 EN-2950 EN-2951 EN-3874 EN-3987-1EN EN-3988 EN-4050-04 EN-4050-1-1EN EN-4258-1EN EN-4259 EN-9100-2EN EN-9133 EN-ISO 3651-1 EN-ISO 3651-2 EN-ISO 3887 EN-ISO 642 EN-ISO 643 EN-ISO 6506-1 EN-ISO 6507-1 EN-ISO 6508-1 EN-ISO 6892-1 EN-ISO 6892-2 ISO 4967 TR-2410