ASD-STAN prEN 4678 P1

Aerospace series - Weldments and brazements for aerospace structures - Joints of metallic materials by laser beam welding - Quality of weldments

Form: prEN Registration Number: 4678 Edition: P1
Date of Publication: 31-Jan-2010 Number of pages: 30
Document Type:   Domain: Metallic Material
Scope: This standard defines the rules to be observed to ensure the quality of aerospace structures in metallic materials by (solid code 521 and gas code 522 and diode laser Semi-conductor 523 according to EN ISO 4063) laser beam welding, implemented automatically, semi-automatically or manually. It is applicable without any restriction for the manufacturing of new parts or repair parts, these operations being under the responsibility of an approved Design Authority or repairer.
Status: Superseded Replaced by: EN 4678:2011
Price (excl. VAT): €138.98
Normative References: EN-10003-1 EN-12258 EN-2000-1EN EN-2002-001-1EN EN-2002-006 EN-2002-008 EN-2002-022 EN-2002-023 EN-2004-001-1EN EN-2004-010 EN-2007 EN-2032-001 EN-2032-002 EN-2078-2EN EN-2716 EN-2720 EN-3042-1EN EN-3874 EN-3987-1EN EN-3988 EN-4050-4-1EN EN-4258-1EN EN-4259 EN-4268-1EN EN-4522 EN-4523 EN-4524 EN-4525 EN-4527 EN-515 EN-6018 EN-6019 EN-6072-1EN ISO 1880 TR-2410-002