ASD-STAN prEN 4634 P1

Luft- und Raumfahrt - 100° Senkschrauben, kurzes Gewinde, Sechs-Bogenzahn, aus hochwarmfester Stahl FE-PA2601 (A286), passiviert - Klasse: 900 MPa (bei Raumtemperatur) / 650 °C

Form: prEN Registration Number: 4634 Edition: P1
Date of Publication: 31-Jan-2008 Number of pages: 6
Document Type: Product Standard Domain: Mechanical
Scope: This standard specifies the characteristics of screws with 100° countersunk head, with six lobes recess, short thread, in heat resisting steel FE-PA2601, passivated, for aerospace applications.
Status: Superseded Replaced by: EN 4634:2009
Price (excl. VAT): €30.19
Normative References: EN-2284-1EN EN-2345-2 EN-2424-2EN EN-2437-1EN EN-3115-1EN ISO 10299