ASD-STAN prEN 4612-011 P1

Luft- und Raumfahrt - Ein- und mehradrige elektrische Leitungen für allgemeine Verwendung XLETFE Familie mit Mantel oder geschirmt und Mantel - Teil 011: Kupfer vernickelt - Betriebstemperaturen zwischen - 65 °C und 150 °C - Doppelt extrudierte Isolierung für externe Verwendung, mit Mantel ohne Schirm - UV-Laser bedruckbar - Produktnorm

Form: prEN Registration Number: 4612-011 Edition: P1
Date of Publication: 31-Mar-2005 Number of pages: 8
Document Type: Product Standard Domain: Electrical
Scope: This standard specifies the characteristics of UV laser printable jacket, nickel plated copper conductor, electrical cables Crosslinked Ethylene Tetra Fluoro Ethylene co-polymer XLETFE family for use in the on-board electrical systems of aircraft at operating temperatures between - 65 °C and 150 °C, operating at voltages not exceeding 600 V r.m.s and frequencies not exceeding 2 000 Hz. These cables are suitable for airframe use without additional protection. In case of conflict between this standard and other referenced documents the requirements of this standard shall take precedence.
Status: Superseded Replaced by: EN 4612-011:2011
Price (excl. VAT): €45.29
Normative References: EN-2593-001 EN-2995-001-1EN EN-2996-001-1EN EN-2997-001-3EN EN-3155-001-1EN EN-3205-001 EN-3206-001 EN-3218-001-1EN EN-3372-001-1EN EN-3545-001-2EN EN-3645-001-2EN EN-3646-001-1EN EN-3682-001-1EN EN-3708-001-1EN EN-4067-001 EN-4165-001-1EN EN-6047-001