ASD-STAN prEN 3475-302 P2

Série aérospatiale - Câbles électriques à  usage aéronautique - Méthodes d'essais - Partie 302 : Tenue en tension

Form: prEN Registration Number: 3475-302 Edition: P2
Date of Publication: 31-Dec-2004 Number of pages: 5
Document Type: Test Method Domain: Electrical
Scope: This standard specifies a method of performing voltage proof tests on finished cables and cables in course of production. It shall be used together with EN 3475-100.
Status: Superseded Replaced by: EN 3475-302:2006
Price (excl. VAT): €25.79
Normative References: AMS 2700 AMS 5528 AS-8879 DIN 17850 EN-10088-3 EN-10270-1 EN-10270-3 EN-2424-2EN EN-2516-1EN EN-2608-1EN EN-6088 EN-6089 EN-6090 EN-6091 EN-6094 EN-6095 EN-6105 ISO 2768-1 ISO 8080 MIL-DTL-83488 MIL-PRF-46010