ASD-STAN prEN 2714-012 P1

Série aérospatiale Câbles, électriques, mono et multiconducteurs d'usage général Températures de fonctionnement comprises entre - 55 °C et 260 °C Partie 012: Famille DM, blindés (tressés) et gainés, marquable au laser UV Norme de produit

Form: prEN Registration Number: 2714-012 Edition: P1
Date of Publication: 31-Dec-1999 Number of pages: 7
Document Type: Product Standard Domain: Electrical
Scope: This standard specifies the characteristics of UV laser printable DM family, 5 to 7 multicore screened (braided) and jacketed electrical lightweight cables for use in the on-board electrical systems of aircraft, at operating temperatures between - 55 °C and 260 °C. Nevertheless, if needed, - 65 °C is also acceptable as shown by cold test. It shall also be possible to mark these cables by qualified compatible marking. These markings shall satisfy the requirements of EN 3838.
Status: Superseded Replaced by: EN 2714-012:2005
Price (excl. VAT): €37.38
Normative References: EN-2265-002 EN-2266-002-1EN EN-2591-209-1EN EN-3155-022-1EN EN-3155-023-1EN EN-3197-1EN EN-3218-001-1EN EN-3218-005-1EN EN-3218-006-1EN EN-3218-007-1EN EN-3218-008-1EN EN-3218-009-1EN EN-3218-010-1EN EN-3218-011-1EN