ASD-STAN prEN 2286 P2

Luft- und Raumfahrt - Buchsen mit Flansch aus Aluminiumlegierung, mit selbstschmierender Beschichtung - Maße und Belastungen

Form: prEN Registration Number: 2286 Edition: P2
Date of Publication: 01-Jul-2015 Number of pages: 9
Document Type: Dimensional Standard Domain: Mechanical
Scope:  This standard specifies the characteristics of flanged bushes in aluminium alloy with self-lubricating liner and the design recommendation of shafts and housings. The bushes are intended for operation within the temperature range of  55 °C to 121 °C and assembly with an interference fit into fixed and moving aerospace parts.
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Normative References: EN2086 EN2101 EN2284 EN2311 EN2701 EN2704