ASD-STAN prEN 2122 P1

Washers, flat, in aluminium alloy, anodized or chromated

Form: prEN Registration Number: 2122 Edition: P1
Date of Publication: 01-Jan-1970 Number of pages: 7
Document Type: Product Standard Domain: Mechanical
Status: Cancelled Replaced by:  
Price (excl. VAT): €0.00
Normative References: EN-10204 EN-2090-1EN EN-2101-1EN EN-2120 EN-2133-2EN EN-2212 EN-2228 EN-2338-1EN EN-2434-01 EN-2435 EN-2437-1EN EN-2497-1EN EN-2589 EN-2590 EN-2599-1EN EN-3042-1EN EN-3090 EN-3091 EN-3092 EN-3093 EN-3094 EN-3095 EN-3096 EN-3098 EN-3101 EN-3102-1EN EN-3103 EN-3104 EN-3105 EN-3106 EN-3107 EN-3110 EN-3456-2EN EN-3997-1EN EN-6028 ISO 1817 ISO 2555 ISO 2768-1 ISO 2768-2 ISO 2781 ISO 37 ISO 554 ISO 868 MIL-C-27725