DOA set of 5 standards

Design Organisation Approval standards

  1. ASD-STAN prEN 9250 P1:2016 -Aerospace series - Test organisations-General requirements for test process and capabilities
  2. ASD-STAN prEN 9251 P1:2018-Aerospace series — Flammability Test Organisations Qualification Standard
  3. ASD-STAN prEN 9252 P1:2018-Aerospace series — Assessment of Design Suppliers Managing and Approving Repairs
  4. ASD-STAN prEN 9253 P1:2018-Aerospace series — Surveillance of Aerospace Design Suppliers
  5. ASD-STAN prEN 9255 P1:2018-Aerospace series — Acceptance of supplier’s design capabilities and management of Design Organisation authorisations
Suuplements for the ASD-STAN prEN 9253 P1:2018 use:
  • The Engineering Surveillance Report Template - ref. prEN 9253-13043386
  • The Supplier DOA criticality Template - ref. prEN 9253-1102123
Form: prEN Registration Number: 9250-9255 Edition: 2016-2018
Date of Publication: 16-Jan-2019 Number of pages: 165
Document Type: set of DOA standards Domain: Quality
Scope: The ASD DOA Think Tank is producing technical guidelines to become means of compliance with EASA requirements (Part 21) aiming at simplifying the interface between DOA (Design organisation Approval) holders and their suppliers.
A big effort has been done in 2016 by the ASD-STAN community that was pursued in 2017 and 2018 to bring the necessary credibility to the activity knowing that more and more industry standards are being published to support the EASA suite of requirements.
The first standard in DOA history was the ASD-STAN prEN 9250 published in May 2016. Another 4 standards were published throughout 2018, bringing the total DOA standards to 5.

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