DIN EN 4809:2016-11

Aerospace series - Flange couplings - Gasket seal with fluorocarbon seal on aluminium plate with 3 fastening holes - Inch series; German and English version FprEN 4809:2016

Form: DIN-EN Registration Number: 4809 Edition:
Date of Publication: 01-Nov-2016 Number of pages:
Document Type: Draft Standard Domain:
Scope: This European Standard specifies the characteristics of gasket seal with fluorocarbon seal on aluminium plate, 3 holes, for pipe couplings for inch series aerospace applications. Nominal pressure: up to 21 000 kPa; depends on the associated tube material and tube wall thickness in the assembly (see EN 4814). Temperature range: ?20 °C to 200 °C. NOTE Assembly in accordance with TR 4815. This part should not be reused after disassembling.
Status: Withdrawn Replaced by: DIN EN 4809(2017-08)
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