DIN EN 2667-2:2017-05

Aerospace series - Non-metallic materials - Foaming structural adhesives - Test methods - Part 2: Compressive tube shear; German and English version FprEN 2667-2:2017

Form: DIN-EN Registration Number: 2667-2 Edition:
Date of Publication: 01-May-2017 Number of pages:
Document Type: Draft Standard Domain:
Scope: This European Standard defines the test method for determining the bond strength of structural foaming adhesive films or pastes by means of the tube test method. This test method is suitable for determining bond strength in relation to the density after curing of the adhesive foam by means of compressive tube shear specimens. It preferably applies to high expansion ratios, i.e. > 50 % measured according to the method EN 2667-3.
Status: Withdrawn Replaced by: DIN EN 2667-2(2018-03)
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