Aerospace series-Acceptance of supplier’s design capabilities and management of design organisation authorisations

Form: TR Registration Number: 9255 Edition: P1
Date of Publication: 31-Aug-2022 Number of pages: 28
Document Type: Domain: Quality and Safety Management
Scope: Introduction
This ASD-STAN Technical Report is part of a series developed by a joint effort of the European industry through the ASD DOA Working Group in order to:
— provide guidance related to the assessment of capabilities and surveillance of organisations managing and/or performing design activities and associated tasks (e.g. tests) on behalf of organisation holding a Part 21 DOA (DOAH);
— share and take benefit of best practices among European Aerospace and Defence Industry.
This ASD-STAN Technical Report is focusing on the clauses and processes linked to the acceptance of Supplier’s design capabilities and management of design organisation authorisations to subcontractors and design work-sharing partners.
NOTE 1 The assessment of the supplier’s capabilities might have been already performed or not by the DOA Holder and/or applicant.
NOTE 2 Subcontractors or design work-sharing partners of the DOA holders or design approval holder, as intended in Part 21.A.239(c), are referred to as “design suppliers” or generically as “suppliers” in the remaining part of this document, see also Clause 3 for terms and definition.
Per 21.A.239 Design assurance system (c) The design organisation shall specify the manner in which the design assurance system accounts for the acceptability of the parts or appliances designed or the tasks performed by partners or subcontractors according to methods which are the subject of written procedures.
And, per 21.A.243 Data (b) Where any parts or appliances or any changes to the products are designed by partner organisations or subcontractors, the handbook shall include a statement of how the design organisation is able to give, for all parts and appliances, the assurance of compliance required by point 21.A.239(b), and shall contain, directly or by cross-reference, descriptions and information on the design activities and organisation of those partners or subcontractors, as necessary to establish this statement.
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Normative References: EMAR 21 (or other equivalent European Military Requirements) EN-9130