Série aérospatiale-Évaluation des fournisseurs de conception qui gèrent et approuvent des réparations

Form: prEN Registration Number: 9252 Edition: P1
Date of Publication: 31-Aug-2022 Number of pages: 33
Document Type: Domain: Quality and Safety Management
Scope: The purpose of this ASD-STAN Technical Report is to define generic requirements applicable to repair design management and approval.
It provides a means of compliance to EASA Part 21 DOA applicable requirements and/or military equivalent applicable requirements (e.g.: EMAR 21) in:
— identifying the applicable DOA regulatory requirements;
— identifying necessary capabilities and providing guidance for assessment and surveillance;
— describing the end-to-end repair design management and approval process, from the initiation of the repair design request to the repair design preparation, justification, approval and transmission;
— addressing the DOA requirements for each step of the process.
It is applicable to repair designs (3.1.6) in service products, parts and appliances, including generic repair designs in manuals (3.1.8).
It should be complemented as necessary by the DOA holder and/or by the repair design supplier in order to add more detailed process steps used and/or explain deviations, to achieve a repair design management and approval process acceptable to both DOA holder and supplier.
NOTE 1 Repairs of ETSO parts except APU are not covered by this ASD-STAN Technical Report because they are out of the scope of Part/EMAR 21 subpart M. They shall be processed according to Part/EMAR 21 paragraph 21A.431A (e).
NOTE 2 The process for cascade of privileges is covered by ASD-STAN Technical Report TR 9255 Aerospace series — Acceptance of supplier’s design capabilities and management of design organisation authorisations, Clause 6 “Requirements for the management and cascade of design organisation authority and signatory to supplier”.
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Normative References: Annex 1 — Part 21: EMAR 21 EN-9130 EU 748/2012 TR 9255