Série aérospatiale-Norme de qualification des organisations d'essais d'inflammabilité

Form: TR Registration Number: 9251 Edition: P1
Date of Publication: 31-Aug-2022 Number of pages: 11
Document Type: Domain: Quality and Safety Management
Scope: The purpose of this ASD-STAN Technical Report is to complement the DOA Guidance Material “TR 9250 Aerospace series — Test organisations General requirements for test process and capabilities” applicable to the qualification of test organisations performing tests necessary to demonstrate compliance with the applicable type-certification basis, ETSO and environmental protection requirements (i. e. certification tests). This DOA Guidance Material shall be used in conjunction with TR 9250.
It provides a means of compliance to EASA Part 21 DOA applicable requirements and/or military equivalent applicable requirements (e. g.: EMAR 21) in:
— identifying the relevant DOA requirements;
— identifying necessary capabilities and providing guidance for assessment and surveillance;
— describing the whole test process from test specification to retention of test data;
— addressing the DOA requirements for each step of the process.
The requirements of the present ASD-STAN Technical Report should be cascaded to the test organisation by the Design Organisation depending on the level of involvement of the test organisation.
Each paragraph and clause of this ASD-STAN Technical Report refers to and complements when necessary the corresponding paragraph of ASD-STAN Technical Report TR 9250.
NOTE The definition of Design Organisation is given in paragraph 3 of ASD-STAN Technical Report TR 9250.
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Normative References: Annex 1 Certification Specifications CS 25 EASA CM-CS-001 CM-CS-004 Commission Regulation (EU) No 748/2012 EN-9130 European Military Airworthiness Requirements EMAR 21 (SECTIONS A and B) Part 21 TR 9250