Aerospace series-Test organisations — General requirements for test process and capabilities

Form: TR Registration Number: 9250 Edition: P1
Date of Publication: 31-Aug-2022 Number of pages: 27
Document Type: Domain: Quality and Safety Management
Scope: The purpose of this ASD-STAN Technical Report is to define generic requirements applicable to test organisations performing tests necessary to demonstrate compliance with the applicable type-certification basis and environmental protection requirements (i.e. certification tests).
It provides a means of compliance to EASA Part 21 DOA applicable requirements and/or Military equivalent applicable requirements (e.g. EMAR 21) in:
 identifying the applicable DOA regulatory requirements;
 identifying necessary capabilities and providing guidance for assessment and surveillance;
 describing the end to end test process from test specification to retention of test data;
 addressing the DOA requirements for each step of the process.
The requirements of the present ASD-STAN Technical Report should be cascaded to the test organisation by the design organisation depending on the level of involvement of the test organisation. The requirements of the present ASD-STAN Technical Report maybe complemented by other ASD-STAN Technical Report dedicated to specific kinds of test organisations (e.g. Flammability test organisations).
Status: Superseded Replaced by: ASD-STAN TR 9250 P1 Corrigendum 1
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Normative References: Annex 1 — Part 21: EMAR 21 EN-9130 EU 748/2012 ISO/IEC 17025 TR 9251