ASD-STAN TR 4858 P1-3 languages version (EN, FR, DE)

Série aérospatiale — Système de raccordement, commandes de vol matériaux et traitements de surface

Form: prEN Registration Number: 4858 Edition: P1
Date of Publication: 29-Mar-2018 Number of pages: 18
Document Type: Technical Report Domain: Mechanical
Scope: This Technical Report gives the EN standardized materials or, on the national level, the materials standardized by ASD member countries to be used for manufacturing the relevant products to insure their functional interchangeability.
This Technical Report is not to be taken as a table of equivalent materials.
The use of EN standardized materials shall be given priority.
This Technical Report applies when it is referenced.
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Normative References: EN 2399 EN 2694 EN 2786 EN 3112 EN 3120 EN 3311 EN 3487 EN 3671 EN 4315 EN 4318 EN 4379 EN-10027-1 EN-2407 EN-2491 EN-2662 EN-2663 EN-2798 EN-3021 EN-3314 EN-3315 EN-3363 EN-3468 EN-3761 TR 3900