ASD-STAN prEN 6111 P2

Aerospace series — Ethylene-propylene elastomer (EPM/EPDM) — Hardness 80 IRHD for static sealelements in hydraulic systems for long-term application — Material standard

Form: prEN Registration Number: 6111 Edition: P2
Date of Publication: 31-Mar-2019 Number of pages: 9
Document Type: Domain: Mechanical
Scope: This document defines the requirements of ethylene-propylene elastomer (EPM/EPDM) for seal
elements for use as static seals in hydraulic systems using phosphate ester fluids, hardness 80 IRHD
(International Rubber Hardness Degree) for long-term application for aerospace application.
Unless otherwise specified in the drawing, order or inspection schedule, this document shall be used in
conjunction with the referenced documents.
Applicable temperature range:
— Continuous service: −55 °C to 107 °C
— Intermittent service: −55 °C to 120 °C
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Normative References: ASTM D 1414 ASTM D 3677 ASTM E 1131 EN 6109:2018 EN-6075 EN-6076 ISO 1817 ISO 2781 ISO 48-2