ASD-STAN prEN 6093 P3

Aerospace series — Receptacle, floating, single lug

Form: prEN Registration Number: 6093 Edition: P3
Date of Publication: 31-Oct-2022 Number of pages: 11
Document Type: Domain: Mechanical
Scope: This document specifies the dimensions, tolerances, required characteristics and mass of a receptacle for use in fuselage interior equipment and structural applications. This document is intended to be used in conjunction with studs according to EN 6088 or EN 6105.
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Normative References: DIN 17850:1990-11 EN 2424 EN 2516 EN 2808 EN ISO 6931-1 EN-10088-3 EN-10270-1 EN-2491 EN-6092 EN-6094 EN-6095 EN-6118 ISO 2768-1 ISO 8080 MIL-DTL-83488 MIL-PRF-46010 SAE AMS 2700 SAE AMS 5528 SAE-AS-8879