ASD-STAN prEN 4604-006 P3

Luft- und Raumfahrt - Elektrische Leitungen für Signalübertragungen - Teil 006: Koaxialkabel, 50 Ohm, 200 °C, Typ WM - Produktnorm

Form: prEN Registration Number: 4604-006 Edition: P3
Date of Publication: 03-Oct-2018 Number of pages: 10
Document Type: Product Standard Domain: Electrical
Scope: This standard specifies the required characteristics of a coaxial cable, 50 Ω, type WM, for use in aircraft electrical systems at operating temperature between – 55 °C and 200 °C and specially for high frequency up to 5 GHz.
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Price (excl. VAT): €58.50
Normative References: ASTM B 298-99 EN 4604-001 EN-3475-100 ( all parts) EN-4604-002 MIL-PRF-39012 TR-6058