ASD-STAN prEN 3645-001 P5

Aerospace series-Connectors, electrical, circular, scoop-proof, triple start threaded coupling, operating temperature 175 °C or 200 °C continuous — Part 001: Technical specification

Form: prEN Registration Number: 3645-001 Edition: P5
Date of Publication: 31-Dec-2021 Number of pages: 108
Document Type: Technical Specification Domain: Electrical
Scope: This document specifies the general characteristics, the conditions for qualification, acceptance and quality assurance, as well as the test programs and groups for threaded ring coupling circular connectors, fire resistant, intended for use in a temperature range from -65 °C to 175 °C continuous or 200 °C continuous according to the classes.
Status: Superseded Replaced by: EN 3645-001:2022
Price (excl. VAT): €262.50
Normative References: EN 2267-002 EN 2346 (all parts) EN 2591 EN 3155-001:2016 EN 3197 EN 3645-002 EN-3909 EN-9133 ISO 261 ISO 262 ISO 68-1 ISO 965-2 ISO-27874 MIL-DTL-38999 MIL-DTL-38999/62 MIL-HDBK-454 MIL-STD-1373 MIL-STD-1560 TR 4865