ASD-STAN prEN 3155-005 P4

Aerospace series-Electrical contacts used in elements of connection - Part 005: Contacts, electrical, female, type A, crimp, class T-Product standard

Form: prEN Registration Number: 3155-005 Edition: P4
Date of Publication: 21-Dec-2016 Number of pages: 133
Document Type: Product Standard Domain: Electrical
Scope: This standard specifies the required characteristics and tests applicable to female electrical contacts 005, type A, crimp, class T, used in elements of connection according to EN 3155-002.
It shall be used together with EN 3155-001.
The associated male contacts are defined in EN 3155-004.
The contacts defined by this standard are not applicable for connector EN 2997 classes KV, SV, KF and SF (defined in EN 2997-002).
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Normative References: EN 2083 EN 2591 (all part) EN 2997-001 EN 2997-002 EN 3155-001 EN 3155-002 EN 3155-004 EN 4434 ISO 8843 SAE AS 22520 SAE AS 81969/14 SAE AS 81969/30