Domain D01 Program Management and System Engineering

Domain Technical Coordinator: Gilles Beuzelin, Framatome, France
Domain Secretariat: Marina Epis, BNAE, France
Executive Manager: Anja Lange, ASD-STAN

Focal Points:

GIFAS Marina Epis, BNAE
DIN e.V. Gero Schröder-Kohlmay, DIN NL
AIAD Francesco Acerbi, Leonardo Helicopters
TEDAE Jacinto Llorente, Airbus Defence & Space
SOFF Thomas Roos, SAAB
ADS Group Simon Merriman , BSI
EASA Eric Duvivier, EASA
ASD Vincent De Vroey, ASD
AIRBUS SE no representative

Domain Scope
This Domain covers Aerospace standards not yet allocated in other Domains.
Any experts interested in involvement in ASD-STAN Domain D01 and its working group are welcome to contact our Executive Manager Ms. Anja Lange.

Working Groups of D01

D01/WG06 Programme Management and Systems Engineering

Chairman: Gilles BEUZELIN, MBDA, France.
Secretariat: Marina EPIS, BNAE,France

WG Scope
The D01/WG06 represents interests for the European standardization activities in the field of “Programme Management” for aerospace applications. The scope of this working group covers all transversal topics related to programme management over the whole life cycle of a product. These subjects are, in a non-exhaustive list : the configuration management, the risk management, the obsolescence management, system engineering and customer / supplier contractual relationships…
It prepares ASD-STAN prEN standards, EN-standardization projects and comments as well as participates in other European and International projects.

Examples of published standards:

  • prEN 9223-1xx series: Configuration Management
  • prEN 9278: General Principles of Obsolescence Management of chemicals, materials and processes
  • prEN 9239: Guide for the risk management
  • prEN 9277: Guide for the management of Systems Engineering
  • prEN 9320: General recommendation for acquisition and supply of open systems

This Working Group provides the opportunity to interested stakeholders to actively work on standardization procedures, contribute their ideas and suggestions and take part in the information exchange between national experts.