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ASD-STAN prENs hold a technical equivalence with subsequent EN publications released by CEN members. 

A Draft DIN EN (FprEN) stands as the initial iteration of a final DIN EN standard, officially based on the content provided by ASD-STAN for CEN’s Formal Vote. In line with the ASD-STAN prEN publication, there are no technical alterations between this version and the ultimate DIN EN release, with only editing changes permitted in the German translation. Following the Formal Vote and the Draft DIN EN stages, the final DIN EN is made publicly available. Beuth, the standards publisher, releases these standards in both German (DIN for German translation) and English (EN European Norm).


Should you have any comments or observations regarding ASD-STAN prENs or ENs generated by ASD-STAN, we encourage you to share them with us by sending an email to . Your feedback is valuable, and we will ensure that your comments reach the relevant Working Group responsible for the specific standard. This proactive approach ensures that your input is duly considered, potentially influencing any future revisions of the standard or the development of new proposals.


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ASD-STAN is an Associated Body to CEN for Aerospace Standards.

2608 European Aerospace Standards are published by ASD-STAN.

Current Work Programme of 300 standards in development

A total of 38 Working Groups, comprising over 500 experts across eight aerospace domains.

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